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Members of the Centre are actively involved in explaining the relevance and applications of Systems Biology to members of the general public and the wider scientific community. We do this on a range of levels from talking to children in schools to undergraduate and graduate teaching, the provision of seminar series' and organising scientific conferences and workshops. We are more than happy to provide people to talk in schools, colleges and at other events. If you would like further information please contact us.

Some examples of our activites can be found below:


Members of the Centre visit and speak to local schools, participate in open days and study days. They have also been involved in training students for the International Chemistry Olympiad and contribute to Family Friendly Events held in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.


Centre staff teach on a new Systems Biology option as part of the 4th year undergraduate Biochemistry degree course within the University. Staff also teach and supervise graduate students who are enrolled on both the Systems Biology and Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Courses.

BBSRC Vacation Research Bursaries

Members of the Centre have been selected to participate in the BBSRC Vacation Bursaries scheme as one of BBSRC's top training environments.


RoSBNet is a Network in Synthetic Biology, which combines Engineering knowledge with biological understanding while considering ethical, legal and societal issues


A range of lecture series' have been organised which are open to all members of the University. These include the Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry weekly seminars and a Systems Biology Seminar Series which includes a mixture of both internal and external speakers.

Workshops and Conferences

Members of the Centre are actively involved in hosting and organising national and international conferences and workshops. These have included:

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